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Message Subject 20% Of Human Test Subjects Injured From Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine
Poster Handle The Lathe Of Heaven
Post Content
This is actually their way of saying "see how many fucks do we give for your opinions"

Moderna is just pushing what Fauci told them to push, which WHO told him to push, which UN told WHO to push, which was agreed between China and WHO on behalf of the UN, to start this coronavirus 2019 psychological operation.

Mossad is doing them the favor of pushing all the deception on the media World wide.

Bill Gates funded Moderna but actually just has a place on head of WHO in a while, when the vaccine and the tagging aka mircochip will be implemented.

No one gives a fuck what your opinion is, people are out, no one dies, they are being socializing here from the beginning , no one dies, we've opened up and we do socialize to the extreme, no one dies, but the push from Mossad is continuing to all the Mass Media, and everything is in order, we are saved because we do what they tell us, doesn't matter if we don't do anything of all, it's enough that they said it, they are all in auto-control.

It's blatant dictatorship with surreal living the here and now, as if those that implement it are from another World and don't see what we see.

First they said about Hydro that, that is so good and then now they say it's so very very bad , this is actually insanity.

Will tell it again and stop just commenting and do something.

The United Nations is behind it, started from World Health Organization that with China pushed this deception, mossad pushed it all through the mass media and made sure that any other opinion to be silenced and if needed to be shutdown completely as entity. Fauci is knowing what is happening, he knows about Mossad as well, he is also mocking your President every time he can, your president either knows or not, probably yes but then again he might just be stupid.
Fauci works for Mossad probably, Bill Gates will be the head of World Health Organization, behind them are the money, aka Rockefeller and rest, the rest all are bribed to the bone.

They are auto mode all of them, the wheels are moving and now they just don't care what you think or not.

They also have a next phase, as Bill Gates said, the number 2 will be a bio-terrorist attack, number one was this virus.

They know the plan, they don't care, cause they will release a real bio weapon agent that will start killing some and so all but ALL will want to be vaccinated.

What you all don't know, is that the vaccine triggers the bio-weapon agent to actually become lethal to the most.

But who cares...you are only words all of you. As units there is no hope, as teams there is no hope anymore, they are in auto-mode.

Only hope is if a miracle happens, which it will. :)

So, keep on discussing and forget all the above.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78946101

Nice. Yes the politicians loyalty is totally with the oligarchs. They seem to act in a "problem - reaction - solution" manner, like puppets on a string.
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