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Message Subject 20% Of Human Test Subjects Injured From Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Example of a shill from this thread

Thread: The Coronavirus Vaccine Side-Effects: Worst Case Scenario: Full Body Inflammation and Death (Page 2)

"What OP is unwilling to tell you is.
1. People who didn't get the vaccine, are getting this.
2. There is no vaccine yet, it's still in testing phase, and there are only a few reports out of that yet.

Op is clearly an anti-vax'er. Take this post with a grain of salt. Clearly vaccines have worked, take for instance polio.

But yes, by all means, either listen to reason, or OP.
Scientist study virus's to learn about them. If you consider, studying something a "bad" thing to do. Then by all means, move back into the stone age. Uggg.


If question the vaccine, you're an anti-vaxxer! If you point out side-effects, you're anti-vaxxer! lol
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78945333

Speaking of shills...

Polio "worked" and as a bonus gave a whole generation cancer with the SV40 virus...
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