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Message Subject North Korea has officially placed their strategic forces on high alert operation status
Poster Handle Jake
Post Content
What is this all about op?? What are they on alert for?

Beijing give the order?
 Quoting: Jake

Who knows who is giving the orders at this point?

I doubt it is the new jowly Kim with bad teeth.
 Quoting: Builder of the Adytum

I think soon, China, Iran, North Korea and Russia may make their move.
 Quoting: Jake

I wish someone would shit or get off the pot.

Lord knows we won't right now.

Iran and Venezuela are emboldened.

Iran is going for regime change in Saudi Arabia.

Venezuela and Cuba are getting Caravan 2 ready on our doorstep.

And my bet is we will continue to do nothing.
 Quoting: Builder of the Adytum

Trump is doing some good and important things right now.

He is getting Military satellites into space.

and he is rebuilding our Military and we are gonna need

it when the shit kicks off.
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