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Message Subject North Korea has officially placed their strategic forces on high alert operation status
Poster Handle Jake
Post Content

Trump is doing some good and important things right now.

He is getting Military satellites into space.

and he is rebuilding our Military and we are gonna need

it when the shit kicks off.
 Quoting: Jake

Ok, Jake.

I get it.

You trust the plan.

Good for you.

Whatever gets you through the night.
 Quoting: Builder of the Adytum

after Obama 70% of our Marine and Air Force jets

were grounded due to lack of parts. That is all being

fixed. God forbid the shit kicks off when our military

is completely depleted. Shit our jets were out of bombs and Missles.

This is just a personal opinion but I think Trump/Kushner are waiting till after Nov 3rd.

Win or Lose everything changes after that.
 Quoting: Jake



Who elected that piece of Wall Street filth?

His dad was a fucking greasy con man.

You want to go all in on Trump/Kushner.

Fine, homeboy, but count me out.
 Quoting: Builder of the Adytum

I'm just giving my Opinion, Kushner will take out

Hezbollah after November.
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