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Message Subject Apostate Christian Pastor Robert Breaker Claims We Don't Need to Follow Jesus
Poster Handle Servant-of-the-LORD
Post Content
This idiot claims that all of Jesus' teachings are for "Israel Only".

1 hour 4 mins

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]
 Quoting: Servant-of-the-LORD

He's isn't the idiot, you are my friend, he's right. Jesus was a myth, maybe he has studied and found that out. Why won't you Christians study. Watch "Excavating the Empty Tomb"
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78945369


There's more ancient manuscript evidence for Jesus than ANY other ancient person.

You blabber of "the lack of contemporary evidence" knowing FULL WELL that....

1. Starting after Jesus' death, the Pharisees did everything possible to derail the growth of Christianity.

2. Manuscripts, at the least, have lasted through...

-the Roman destruction of Israel & other wars in the Middle East of the 1st / 2nd Century
-the 200+ years of Roman persecution of Christians and Hebrews that began with Nero
-the "trinitarian" changes made to the Bible beginning around Tertullian's time
-the invasions / expansion of Islam that began after Muhammad's death in 632 AD

You expect that Jesus miracles to be recorded in a pile of ancient tabloid journals somewhere?

Even the Christ-hating Pharisees mention Jesus in the Talmud.

Even IF we didn't have manuscript fragments dating back to the 2nd century, scholars could "piece together" the 4 Gospels just from the writings of various church fathers.

---AD 96 Clement Bishop of Rome quotes / refers to 11 books used for the New Testament including Matthew, Mark and Luke.

---AD 108 Ignatius Bishop of Antioch quotes / refers to 24 books used for the New Testament including all 4 Gospels.

---AD 110 Polycarp Bishop of Smyrna quotes / refers to 18 books used for the New Testament including all 4 Gospels.
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