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Comparion of Gates Plan with the Ancient Gnosis (Knowledge).

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 78505044
05/27/2020 11:59 PM
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Comparion of Gates Plan with the Ancient Gnosis (Knowledge).
In 40 years of research, I found this:

1. The Chinese I-Ching (Ye-King), a grid of 64 hexagrams in an 8x8 format. All elements of Life are mirrors of these 64 hexagrams. I call it the Code of Life.

2. The Mayan Tzolkin Calandar. This grid of 240 squares, of 13 x 20 sets, has been revealed as The Code of Light influencing earth and all its living systems. If you find the Ben Franklin Magic Square that has the strategic 16-17 and the 46-47 transition numbers in perfect relationship, you will find you can draw (2) identical copies of the progression of this timeline. One timeline goes forward and the other goes in reverse.

Both if these ancient systems are based upon magic squares.
Both have the hidden order of magic squares.

Now we have Bill Gates.
Can Bill or any other "leading intellects" do better than these Gnostic systems.

I think Bill and his intellectuals are leading us into HELL.