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"event" dream i had last night

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United Kingdom
09/21/2007 03:49 PM
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"event" dream i had last night
very vivid and i don't think anyone's had this type before, so here goes .....

on a bridge, and see (not hear) a fighter jet fly over. it turns to the right until it comes in low ..... and SLAMS into the bridge, cutting into the side!!!

THEN another one .....
THEN another one .....
THEN ANOTHER one .....

this makes that particular span of the bridge collapse into the river below (like in minneapolis)

then FOUR MORE fighter jets crash into the bridge at different parts ..... and wouldn't you know ..... i wake up (dammit)

it looked like they were part of a aerobatic display (as they were nine of them)

i've had plane dreams before, but none like this ..... and had it right after i fell asleep too, nearly THREE hours of sleep

make what you will of THAT, you loons