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On My Way To Work, ‘TEENS’ Try To Run Over Motorcyclists

Phillip J. Fry

User ID: 73149253
United States
05/31/2020 10:31 PM

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On My Way To Work, ‘TEENS’ Try To Run Over Motorcyclists
I’m heading into work 6pm tonight. I get in the left turn lane behind a couple on a CanAm with 2 cars in front of them. We’re waiting for the light. The Two 20-30 yo ‘teens’ pull up to the other road left turn lane to wait for the green arrow of the next light cycle. (they will cross in front of us and go down our road).
We get green the two cars start through and the ‘teens’ take off through the redlight full speed at the motorcycle. The cycle shoots forward and I slam on the brakes. The scowling ‘teens’ shoot between us and take off.
This is a small town.

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