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Police in Grand Rapids fire a tear gas canister directly at mans face from close range. ⁣

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06/02/2020 05:55 PM

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Re: Police in Grand Rapids fire a tear gas canister directly at mans face from close range. ⁣
I would like to encourage my fellow GLPers to take a moment to THINK and evaluate things on a case by case basis rather than jumping to snap judgement or blindly supporting one side.

It's easy to sit behind a screen and say "don't riot and then you wouldn't get hurt"
or "fuck the cops" but as with all things the reality lies somewhere in the middle.

Protest is needed to keep authority in check.

Law enforcement is needed to prevent unchecked crime violence and chaos.

In a perfect world both could occur without anyone overstepping and causing problems but humans have emotions and there are bad people who fuck it up for everyone.

A spray of pepper spray is sufficient, emptying the can is a dick move and shooting or throwing a tear gas can point blank at a man's face while surrounded by armored riot cops is a bitch move.

The guy was playing with fire but that response was well beyond a reasonable reacation.

it is over-aggressive police actions which sparked the outrage we are now dealing with and the solution is not more unjustified over the top police brutality.

it is time for bad cops to be removed and for good cops to stop covering for and enabling asshole bully cops to use their badge as a permission slip to hurt people.
 Quoting: Jay.Crew

One drug addict had an arrest go wrong.

In response, countless crimes have been committed, multiple lives have been lost, property has been destroyed, people's entire livelihoods, futures, homes, and businesses have been destroyed. And a bunch of people got free TVs and Nike shoes.

What, exactly, does that achieve?

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Wer war der Thor, wer Weiser, wer Bettler oder Kaiser? Ob arm, ob reich, im Tode gleich.

Silencing yourself and living in the dark just means you've left yourself exposed to the type of people who wander the dark looking for victims who won't scream.

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