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mental ilness aside, thanks for the support people, but a word about these 'riots'

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06/02/2020 10:09 PM
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mental ilness aside, thanks for the support people, but a word about these 'riots'
I don't usually like to put my face here on glp but I made a youtube video about the FACTS with these riots. These are George Soros paid actors that are inciting RIOTS all across america, I even did some digging and found out that cops, first responders, and security guards are on the Soros payroll.

My hypothesis is that these actors also participate in gangstalking, and now the streets are roaming with gangstalkers and what to gangstalkers do? They make life a living hell for all of us. THIS IS HOW GANGSTALKING AFFECTS EVERYONE, not just TI's. Granted there are good people in government, in the police force, ex military that have known about this, but god bless those people that have no clue about it. Like those good cops that don't know that they are ultimatley being used as a strong arm on the New World Order controllers to neutralize us like we are insurgents.

Some of you may know me, some of you may not. If you do recognize me, don't make it known. I had a pretty rough past in the beggining of my stalking and said a lot of crazy shit and done some crazy shit but I am somewhat more logical now even though I still have the occasional breakdown but thats because I just feel so powerless sometimes, I just feel like making these videos help just a little bit for our "truth movement"

My Show is called INFO Bros, inspired by the fat man from Texas, but unlike him I am not controlled opposition. Well sometimes I think he is not controlled oposition and he is just being a crazy kook.