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dream i had a few years ago. i wonder if it was a look into the future

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06/03/2020 02:15 AM
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dream i had a few years ago. i wonder if it was a look into the future
(link to original thread here for proof I had this dream a while ago: Thread: Weird Dream Involving the Cast of Different Strokes

Arnold , Willis and myself are in the driveway at a generic mansion. There is a small bonfire burning in the middle of the drive.
The garage door opens and there is a hand trolley being wheeled out by a butler and on the trolley is Mr Drummonds head,well alive and talking. Next to them is Kimberly.
Mr Drummonds head tells Kimberly to stand close to the bonfire as it will toughen her up to show some resolve against the flame.
Arnold ,willis and myself are disturbed as Kimberlys feet are getting hot and starting to smoke, but the head of Mr Drummond is adamant that she needs to cope with it and it is good for her fortitude.
"Mr Drummond,"Mr Drummond!!! LOOK LOOK!!" Kimberlies feet are now burnt twisted stumps ,her shins are fused together ,its quite repulsive but shes still standing there, reminding me of the Statue of Liberty,quite noble.
Willis ,Arnold and I back away slowly as we watch Mr Drummonds head become horrified at what has happened to his daughters feet. The head is still on the trolley, in a state of shock, calling "NO, NO, NO , NO , NO....

All i knew of this was that the head represents a head of state. I live in Australia. This was such a vivid dream i just wanted to record it somewhere.