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Chaziel Sunz exposed BLM orchetrators Soros and Clinton

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United States
06/03/2020 08:24 AM
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Chaziel Sunz exposed BLM orchetrators Soros and Clinton
OK this is not so new but DAMN, this guy is ON POINT. Mostly. I mean it's from 2017 so of course hindsight is 2020 (or it's 20/20, at least now that it's 2020.) and I didn't agree with his predictions then anyway, but definitely with his analysis of current events.

Supposedly he's one of the original organizers of the Ferguson protests and former BLM supporter.
Apparently not; his comment:
"I am not, or ever was BLM, or a Ferguson organizer!! I am apart of the black community and the purpose of that 2017 video was to expose the the left and Antifa so the community would know we are being played so we could then plan accordingly. I'll address these things in a future video because its very easy for a narrative to be spinned to fit ones idealism. My allegiance is with God. Please don't be misunderstood, and don't be so quick to to put any man on a pedestal, you'll get let down."
[link to www.facebook.com (secure)]

OK so maybe he's nobody, but he's still on point. :)

I wish some alt-media reporters would hunt this guy down and interview him. I'm sure his views have changed some by now, and it'd be interesting to see his current perspective.

Looks like this video is actively being 're-pushed' during the current events, and rightly so. I thought it was worth transcribing so I did. Enjoy my typos. I'm no court stenographer.

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

[link to www.thegatewaypundit.com (secure)]

"what's up, world. It's your main man, Chaziel Sunz. ANd I havne't really been hittin nobody in the head. I've been doin a whole lot of growth, a whole lot of growin. In the last year and a half, 2 years . and I wanted to make this video, 'cause . You know I've been concentratin on family and close friends and what not, and just kidn of leavin the movement to the ... professionals, and it's just like, you know.. I'ma basically say it like this. Around the time I say .. probably the end of 2015, somewhere in there probably goin into 2016, I started to notice, um, I begin to notice infiltrators comin into the movement, which is already - it's been like this for a long time - but I actually started to see them, all online, makin fake pages. And basically these fake people part of the black movement, or whatever you wanna call it, were basically you know feedin off our emotions, tryin to get us involved in things that we're not involved in, tryin to get us to believe in things that we weren't familiar with, and basically pushin us to be more left and 'Democratic', and one hting I wanna say is that if you are a revolutionary or anything like that, you.. you're not even supposed to believe in politic.s So for the people who still are beleivning that this movement, this black movement, even some of these white momvements, are legit -- man, you have a lot of growin to do. I'ma say it agian, you have a lot of growin to do. ANd I'ma concentrate right now anyway on the balck leaders, OK. The black leaders, alot of the black leaders, and I wanna, I wanna HIT with this video . A lot of the black leaders are straight leadin us to our demise. OK? They have us workin, doin their dirty work, for their dirty work, I mean the far left's dirty work. They got us workin basically for them because how they're gettin us is they're playin us emotionally, and they're basically sTD3GjkikUywayin how racist and how messed up guys on the far right and the neo-nazis are, because tehy need all the help that they can get. So they're getitn the gays, they're gettin people of other cultures, they're gettin people of the left. the far left. I'm gettin somewhere with this. They're gettin gays, they're gettin black people - anybody who doesn't liek donald trump, they're basically tryin to ghet you rto fight for war that is being started on AMerican turf very very soon, and they want us to be a part of their sid.e what I'm trying to get the blackl populat ion to understand adn overstand, and this is critical, is the movement has been compromised. OK? Everybody needs to know that. RBG movement has been compromised. BLM, if you are not caught up to BLM: It is not even a real black organization. It never was. Iactually fele bad that I've been keeping alot of this imnformation coupod up for so long, but I jkust felt like it wasn't getting anywher/e /. but now things are about to go about and hit the fan.

If you have any kind of a brain you know BLM is endorsed by the soros, clinton family. If you have any kiTD3GjkikUywnd of a brain, you know that those same people don't give a damn about you, don't give a damn about black people, don't give a damn; they're exploiting the black plight. To make money off of you. They're using your emotions, and based on what has happened to you, they're using that against you so you can join these evil demonic people to help fight people on the far right. They want -- No, not even the far right. I'm gonna make this simple. The left is going against the right. It's a huge civil war that's being planned out. I wanna make this simple. It's happenin right now. And what they want is for everybody to choose a side. Conciously or subconciously. Now alot of these white boys and alot of these white people, they've already chosen their side, OK. And what I'm sayin to these people is, MY people, is that you're setting yourself up to get slaughtered; become armed -- OK -- become aware, know what's going on within the system. Because right now there is hidden power(s) that are controlling the narrative. And they're brainwashing you to feel a certain way about the sytem, about white people, about every race, and about yourselves.

Do not let these beasts, do not let these people do that -- I'm not talking about any particular race -- man, you've got black people, you've got -- like I said, the movement has been compromised. There is no black RBG movement. If you were claiming BLM, you a real sad motherf***er. For the simple fact that BLM has always.. and from the very beginning was always being promoted and paid for by Soros and Clinton.
If you think that these people who don't - who've NEVER given a damn about you all of a sudden, ALL of a SUDDEN they care about the black man's plight? All of a s -- Man, y'all, pay attention. Y'all really gotta pay attention. I'm gettin somewhere with this. I promise. All of a sudden these... white people on the left, and they've been doing this, but all of a sudden they, you know, are supporting the black plight. This is all to get as many numbers as they can on their side. To fight the civil war that they're planning out that they're already being prepared for. You're gonna have to choose a side. Don't set yourself up to get slaughtered. This is all a big setup. It's huge propaganda. that could be happenin right now ... and what I want people to understand and overstand and innerstand is that we gotta put the race thing to the side right now. We have to put it to the side because we have to understand what's goin on and what's important, and the reason it's so important for black people 'cause I know that black people are like "the left vs the right, what does that have to do with us?" Because the people on the left are trying to USE us. The people on the left are USING us. The democratic party are using black people to fight their war with ANTIFA, with uh.. It's getting very very deep. If you don't know who ANtIFA is, look ANTIFA up. Basically a terrorist group. I don't konw what people's belief system is, you call em what you like, but they're basically a militant group, and they're anti-fascist. That's what ANTIFA stands for. THey're 'anti-fascist'. And with that said, this group is being paid for by -- you guessed it -- the younger Rothschilds, the Clintons and Soros. And the mdedia's downplaying this group. THey're not telling people about this group . But people on the far left are trying to get black poeple and as many people who are par t of the far left to join this side. And what they wanna do is, they wanna take the guns away from the people on the far right. Their whole plan is to even the playing field. Because the people on the far right, they deal with guns; they have all the guns. And right now as it stands, the people on the left are set to get slaughtered. That's why they're pushing gun laws. They're pushing gun laws for the simple fac that if you're able to take some of these guns away - because trump is implementing more gun laws. I don't care what people feel about trump. This isn't - I'm not reacting on feelings right now. I don't want peopel to come and be talkin about how they feel. You think I'm a big trump fan? No. IU'm just lettin y'all know. I'm just givin thbe information as I get it. This is happenin, yo. This is happenin right now. November 4 is the day that ANTIFA has began - has pledged that this war is going to begin. November 4, 2017. And I want everybody to know that it's arlready here, with this whole Las Vegas thing. With them attacking that ... country music show .. in Las Vegas. That was a direct hit from the left party. I don't know if you could say ANTIFA did it but it was a direct hit from the left goin against the right. What I want my people to understand is dno't gvet involved in something that has nuttin to do with y'all. And take this information. Don't let the blacks and the hispanics to run with this information. Thake this information, run with this information. This information is out there. Don't take my word for it. Do your own researhc. because it may be something that I'm not wording right, it may be something that I'm not saying right. IO'm triyng to get people to understand, my people in particular to understand and everybody to understand that our minor differences rirhgt now, cause trust me I'm pro black. That's what I represent. It don't matyter right now though. You wanna fuck with black people and you white, hey man, that's your perogative. That's not what the conversation is. What's goin on right now is so much bigger than the race issue. And if people ask me, Chaz, Chaziel, so which side are you gonna choose, which side are you goin with? If you gotta choos?e THE SMART side. I'm damned sure not about to go over ther ewith hill;ary and ssoros. Come on, you got to use your brain. .. You have to be strategic in your momvements. As much as you fele however you feel about the right, tyhey are straightforward. The people on the left are lyin to you and tryin to get you to do their dirty work and get slaughtered. We represent 12% of the population, OK. You can be whatever you wanna be. I ain't tryin to dictata what you wanna do, but just be strategic in how youi move, man, you black peopel are still runnin around talkin about hands up don't shoot, talkin about takin knee, kneeling at the football game. You got celebrities being endorsed by these becasue they know the best way to get negros is through entertainment. We're entertained. But these white people onm the far righ, they ready. You know, and I ain't tryin to juice nobody up. I aint tryin to gas nobody up, man. Iain't got time for it. I'm just givin you the information as I'm presentin it. I ain't got time to gas nobody up and trying to make it sound like it's this and this that. Look man, all I'm sayin is they got they guns, and they ready to go. THEY ready to go. while we're sittin up tryin to be cute, drinkin white tears and shit. This is serious, yo. This si 100% serious, man. And tyhey're gonna use you n*****, and emiotionally they're gonna get you attachetd to their little movement. ANTIFA and al this bullshit. They'll get your head blown off. Strategically learn how to move. Runnin round with RBG shirts, talkin bout 'fuck america'. What part of startegy is that? But this already been 15 minutes man. It is so much more. That's not even... that's not even the tip of the iceberg. The video already 15 minutes long. Do your own research,. and white people you do your.. cause I ain't tryin to make this about race. They comin aftyer you. White, black, mexican. They are coming after us. I just wanted to put that out there, let y'all know for a minute, hey man, this is what's goin on. Go on and arm yourselves. Your main man, Chaziel Sunz. God bless."

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