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Former CIA Officer Bryan Dean Wright: ‘We are Facing an Insurrection’ by ‘Violent, Leftist Thugs’

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06/05/2020 04:49 AM
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Former CIA Officer Bryan Dean Wright: ‘We are Facing an Insurrection’ by ‘Violent, Leftist Thugs’
‘This Country Is On Fire’: Tucker And Guest Criticize Defense Secretary Esper’s Opposition To Using Troops To Police Riots

Wright disagreed [with Esper], saying, “What we have here I think more specifically is a secretary of defense who doesn’t get it. Right now, let’s just cut to the chase, Tucker. This country is on fire. We are facing an insurrection by people that we don’t quite understand who they are, but by all indications, they are violent, leftist thugs.”

Wright added that Esper and his military chiefs of staff “don’t seem to get” that the “nation is panicking” amid the riots and looting and that the public wants military protection. “58% of us want the military in our cities tonight,” he said.

The former CIA officer described the people instigating riots and looting as “Antifa … far leftists, Marxist-Leninist folks who have embraced that ideology” and compared them to the radical protesters of the 1960s. “They are back. They are back with firebombs. They’re back with bricks in our suburbs and our downtowns. That is something Mr. Esper clearly doesn’t understand.”


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