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So its Trumps FAULT!!!

I see a pattern
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06/05/2020 05:45 AM
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So its Trumps FAULT!!!
SO Let me get this straight.

A corrupt cop who killed a coworker who worked in the same club once owned by a politically active obama supporter and a possible laundering front.

The guy was killed in a city where the mayor is a fanatic Hillary supporter.

The City is a Democratic strong hold where a sophisticated suspicious counterfeit $1 900k bust happened coincidentally where a fake $20 bill was passed. Spending fake $$$ locally is counterfeit no no by the way in crime world.

but by miraculous logic

Trump is tyrant dividing the country and started this. HAHA

Seems every time we are screwed its by someone or somewhere who likes killery or Barry.

Lastest example was fauci whose fake advice screwed
the nation into a lockdown. No another Democratic Stronghold is causing bricks to appear and miraculous bus services to happen for rioters to come to places and riot and all because Trump.

ok sleeple.