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CHAZ: Attacks, Tackles, Chokes And Evicts Christian Street Preacher

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United States
06/13/2020 05:03 PM
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CHAZ: Attacks, Tackles, Chokes And Evicts Christian Street Preacher
WATCH: Antifa tackles, chokes unwelcome ‘immigrant’ in autonomous zone

The Antifa-controlled “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” in Seattle has resorted to violence against unwanted immigrants.

Of the many would-be residents invited to stay in the socialism-based "community," which has declared itself sovereign to the United States, one man—a Christian preacher—was aggressively disinvited from the zone and seized for deportation. Religion is incompatible with the doctrine of the radical left.

Antifa insurgents, unhappy with his presence, shoved the preacher to the ground and locked him in a choke hold not too dissimilar from the highly criticized disabling technique used by police forces across the United States.

"The autonomous zone has the right to reject you," says a black-clad immigration and customs officer.

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