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Seattle ANTIFA Soldiers In CHAZ Abuse Street Preacher

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United States
06/13/2020 08:18 PM
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Seattle ANTIFA Soldiers In CHAZ Abuse Street Preacher
Want to see what ‘peace and tolerance’ looks like to the radical Left of ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, care to take a peek at their place to ‘end division and bring in harmony’? If you’re human you won’t like it much, and if you’re a bible believer you will ready yourself for war. ANTIFA verbally abused this street preacher, mocked and taunted him, then threw him on the ground and placed him in a chokehold until the bloodthirsty crowd had had enough. Now you know why God will give the Two Witnesses in the Tribulation the ability to destroy their enemies with fire from their mouths, because they will absolutely need it.

[link to www.nowtheendbegins.com (secure)]

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