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Subject Do all races commit crime, murder, rape equally? What are the Stats?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Maybe one race has more interaction with police because that one race is more violent, more aggressive, has less ethics, possibly lower IQ. Is this possible, can DNA influence behavior, or are all race 100% equal in every way?

It seems different breeds of dogs behave differently, some are more aggressive, some can remember more words and commands, some are faster runners, etc. Maybe the different hominin species that contributed DNA to make modern human races are not 100% identical. Maybe some races will be involved in more violent crime, interracial rape, and murder WORLD WIDE and therefore have more run ins with the cops. Maybe they sometimes attack the cops, resist arrest, and end up getting shot.

This is all speculation, are there any statistics one can look at, or is all behavior 100% the same in all cases, in all countries, always totally equal? What does science say? What are the facts? Do facts matter?

Thank you.
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