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Message Subject ‘Moon Rock’ Given To Holland By Neil Armstrong And Buzz Aldrin Is Fake
Poster Handle Beast love should be legal, FC
Post Content
I think whenever the moon rocks have been analyzed, none of them are found to be real.
 Quoting: Blue State Rebel

[citation needed]

Guess why?
 Quoting: Blue State Rebel

You think that because you are a disinfo victim.

Numerous papers on moon rocks have been published by thousands of geologists.
None of them doubted the extra-terrestrial nature of the rocks.

Of course they only analysed rocks with KNOW provenance, not rocks found in a dead guys drawer.
The Drees Rock is not in the catalogue, so it is not an Apollo rock.

show me.

if you can see the reflector clear enough you can probably see the flag right?, but you can't see no flag or no tire tracks near the reflector that means they flew a reflector at the moon to land on it's own.
 Quoting: Four Minutes to Omegaa

If just finding some NASA images on the internet is already beyond your skill set, what makes you think you are qualified to comment on space history?

We watched an interesting scene in the miniseries, "The Crown" tonight in which Prince Phillip was all excited to meet Aldrin, Armstrong & Collins upon their triumphant "return from the moon" and how unimpressed he was with them, as it turns out. I think it was, in some small way, the series producers sort of tongue in cheek slap at the whole apollo thing, without saying too much. I am not into the royal family at all but have found the series quite entertaining.
 Quoting: Vietnamese Coward 79062373

Even if your interpretation is correct why would that be relevant?

Opinions not supported by evidence are useless.

Would be perfectly in character for an upper-class twit like Edinburgh to tut-tut the achievements of people who actual work for a living, BTW.
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