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it seems they are cancelling the corona thing from the matrix/world

anwar, the shining one
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06/23/2020 11:57 PM

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it seems they are cancelling the corona thing from the matrix/world
they decided to open everything back again
i predict that the virus also will cease to exist soon or it will stay as seasonal disease -like flu- that remove the ill and the old people from their matrix/world for them
the virus also seem to be picky, it look like it maybe pick/infect good people more than others, not infect randomly


i did not choose little money or some loaves of bread over freedom and wealth
i did not choose anything
beggars are not choosers

they made this virus without telling me why, it wasn't obvious if the virus was good for me or bad, especially when it was only in china, back then it looked like a virus that is bad for me since Muslims was very happy with it

and when the virus reached Egypt, with my will
the government imposed curfews and the lockdown
the curfews and the lockdown may benefited me when it closes the annoying mosques and churches

but the curfews and the lockdown made the streets filled with annoying dogs
it also harmed me since the closing of cafeterias and clubs made the people gather in the street under my window to annoy me
also the liberal-Muslims who rule Egypt -and that are obsessed with insanely hating me- took corona as excuse to force me to wear burqa-like mask and to increase the electricity bill so they can increase the pension money that my female enemies in my family receive from the government

but the most important thing is that the curfews and the lockdown decreased the income of people who rent stores from my family and pay me some of the rent, i feared this could make them stop paying me the little money that i use to pay my bills
also i did not have any food and gas stored in my apartment and i did not have any money to buy them, and the government make it look like it will close everything even the government bakeries/Distribution outlets that i get my free governmental aid bread/food from
and it make the government look like it will imprison anyone who walk the streets even to buy food
everything was very scary, especially to someone like me
and no one said when all this was to end

you blame the retarded ones who keep on planing badly when they refuse to tell me anything and when they ignore my circumstances, or the ones who plan to fail and then to blame me for the failure
you blame the ones who twist my wish from the spread of quick, near extinction-level powerful virus like the ones in zombie movies to the super-flu corona virus that no one will fear over economic collapse
it seems the ones who made it can twist truth and see reality as they want it to be not as it actually happens, like my enemies do
chill out, most of what i say here is mere theories that could be right or wrong
i choose to be with the side that make me rich and kill my enemies, and since no one made me rich yet, then i am with nobody side yet