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Subject NETFLIX alert - Jeffrey Epstein - Filthy Rich - An observation about why I believe that they made this show...
Poster Handle CAstro hik
Post Content
So, first off, I do NOT pay for Netflix - I piggyback on another account, and pay nothing for it... ok, got that out of the way...

So I was perusing Netflix's suggestions for something to watch (don't have cable either)... and saw this show - so wth I clicked it.

One of the FIRST things they discussed was Trump's association with Epstein - and a quote - and a photo of them together at some photo-op.

The quote - that trump said he'd known Epstein for 15 years, he's a great guy - and he always has a lot of beautiful women around him - some of them on the young side.... and a judgement call about how Trump probably wishes he'd never said this...

So is this my imagination, or did they make this whole series around trying to discredit our president (one of the first "stories" was a woman who had been recruited at Mar-a-lago (she worked there, for Trump) by that ghislane maxwell or whatever her name is - the girl (abused by epstein) worked as a locker room attendant at mar-a-lago, then went to work for Epstein, being pimped out, etc.

I heard Trump ended his association with Epstein over some such things - the recruitment... ???

Seriously, though, Netflix (and amazon prime) LOVES to promote liberal agendas, (Designated Survivor is another of these "agenda" shows) so this seems clear to me that the only reason they did this show was to put that out there - Trump's previous association with Epstein.

Am I just being paranoid? I don't think so.

I am so pissed at Netflix and every other mainstream outlet for their obvious hatred and misrepresentation of all conservatives, anyone who supports our president, and white people in general.

The show appears to be all about exposing Epstein, the girls who would appear on the show to tell their story, and following the case against Epstein. I only watched 1-1/2 episodes so far.
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