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Message Subject Sam Nunberg (former Trump aid): 'Under the current trajectory, Trump is on the precipice of one the of the worst electoral defeats''
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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....Hillary Clinton has a 12-point lead over Donald Trump and has reached 50% support nationally among likely voters,...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 79074769

Trump beat Hillary who has got to be the worst possible candidate ever by a narrow margin.

Joe, Is a likable loser but likable is the key right now because Trump is terrible.

I don't like Trump at all and I'm still going to vote for him.

But all the non-thinking unprincipled moderates who swing from one side to the other election over election based on good marketing will run from Trump like he is a stinky dead animal rotting in the road.

The republicans will suffer a massive loss in November if someone at the national level doesn't smartin up.

If we lose all three parts of government, the democrats will see this as a "mandate" and drive more progressive crap down our throats.

It will be a disaster, I hope I'm wrong.

If covid-19 had never come along, Trump had a chance but he his performance under pressure has been terrible. AND he's failed to deliver on many accounts. I'm still waiting for the swamp draining, so far all he's done is skim the scum off the surface but the swamp is still there and about to get REALLY strong as soon as the democrats show up.
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