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"Bread and Circuses"

Flame Garcia
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06/28/2020 07:03 AM

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"Bread and Circuses"
I'm thinking that traditional sports as organized, promoted, and played in the past is coming to an end. The Romans/Gov. understood that to keep the masses happy and docile they needed to keep them fed and provided with some type of superficial entertainment and I think that's where we are now on a world wide basis.

No more stadiums or large gatherings packed with people, but a new game/entertainment that can be viewed on computer screens world wide. Is it time for government games similar to "Rollerball" or the "Running Man"?

Does watching the current attempts at restarting golf, auto racing, horse racing, soccer/fotbal, etc. with empty stadiums, facial masks, and social distancing meet the need for superficial entertainment for the masses? Might just be me, but I'm not viewing sports the same as in the past. IS it time for "Bread and Circuses"?

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