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Subject Older CALM Black Man Confronts Irate BLM Protester
Poster Handle darkwolf007
Post Content
I will copy and paste my comment on this video:

Adam Gray
1 second ago
I saw somewhere on the Internet a day or so ago where it was said that Joe Biden's dementia is the reason why he said "We have over 120 million dead from COVID". Me? If I remember correct Joe Biden is one of the top Jesuits on Earth. That would give him top level security access to alot of accurate information, especially from the Illuminati themselves. Is Bill Gates' GMO COVID-19 mosquitoes supposed to deliver this ultra deadly COVID-19 viral variant? When you start to think about these things in such and similar terms things become no longer a laughing matter but a grave one...


I agree with this YouTube comment as well:

declan h
16 hours ago
Imagine seeing your grandparents acting like those fools how embarrassing


It is very much tragic to see so many of our elders acting like spoiled children. They are supposed to show us younger people the way(s) and help us to make something of ourselves when we are young. Instead we have this scenario playing out in real life. America is not salvageable in this state of being. Not when so few of we Generation X, Y and Z are the sane ones.

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

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