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ORDO AB CHAO - Social Engineering via Trauma (Things are heating up)


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United States
06/29/2020 04:09 PM

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ORDO AB CHAO - Social Engineering via Trauma (Things are heating up)
I will copy and paste what I commented on this video:

Adam Gray
1 second ago
At the 3:02:08 mark, Dayz of Noah, I am still on the $30 prepaid plan from T-Mobile from back in August 2011. I get 100 Minutes, Unlimited texting, and 5GBs of up to 4G LTE. I learned over a year ago to stop accepting calls from the numerous calls I typically get weekly. All because nearly all of them are robo-calls and/or scamming telemarketers. So I have accepted months ago that I will inevitably die in real life because I will deny the best I can these Contact Tracers anything meaningful about me and/or I am shot and killed by the cops for refusing to wear a face mask in public.

Adam Gray
Adam Gray
1 second ago
At the 1:40:06 mark... just what right do the cops have to forcibly inject you with Ketamine and/or any other drug, including air?! That right there is an instant death sentence to those of us who are anti-vaccine. I sure as heck do not want to be injected with anything against my will! Oh man!! This video clip is extremely disturbing as far as I am concerned.

Adam Gray
Adam Gray
1 second ago
If you take a look at the 1:25:54 mark just as the clip ends you can see two somethings. Look at the "particles of death" streams. I am fairly certain Dayz of Noah was not only correct, but the heat sources in question were from two different sources. Such as a steamer being put underneath both participants' chins, but just underneath the camera's views. Or this was just CGI and using particle collision detection for the participants' presumed conversation with each other.


As a friendly warning this Dayz of Noah video is a little over three and a half hours long. However feel free to take a look at about the time stamps I mentioned in my YouTube video comments if you so decide to do so.

Also as a PSA for this video:

Big Daddy
9 hours ago
Music ends/video begins 8:10

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

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