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Fox News Neil Cavuto

Flame Garcia
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United States
07/02/2020 04:44 PM

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Fox News Neil Cavuto
Can someone please explain how Fox News is any different in their agenda and reporting than MSDNC, CNN, CBS, ABC, or any of leftist liberal opinion channels - I usually leave the television on for background and Cavuto was tearing into a (R)Rep. or (R)Senator like he was one of the opinionated ass clowns pundits on the fake news channels - the MSM is going all in on insanity leading up to the election in 4 months -

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United States
07/06/2020 07:27 PM
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Re: Fox News Neil Cavuto
When it comes to Cavuto....there is no difference.

I don’t watch Fox until Tucker and then only him, but one day the tv was on and as I was eating lunch I heard Cavuto absolutely tearing into Trump over the Hydroxychloroquine medicine. He had swallowed the garbage and was going on and on about the drug didn’t do anything except KKLL YOU! I couldn’t believe it. But it was Cavuto. He had went full AntiTrump and it looks like he’s still out there on his island.

Just unreal. Trump literally doesn’t have anyone...except his voters. I hope that’s enough cause if it isn’t...you think it’s crazy now?? Wait till the DemocRATS are in the White House, stay in the House and take the Senate. This country, at that point, will be gone.