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Subject 2nd Wave of Ascension is July 7th 2020
Poster Handle PositveConsciousNewsSource
Post Content
Light workers Heads up - Awakened Ones - We are here to assist this 2nd wave - More people will awaken - Remember you came for this time. SO much is now changing - we can see how quickly too, how much mind blowing info do we find out about on a daily bases. This was never the case before - it was all out going to the bar with your friends. Now we have become a hove of Digital Light Warriors standing for truth. That what GodLike Prod is all about - sharing our truths - Well my dear friends even those that might joke with this post. We are all in this together waking up in our own ways, little by little - but quicker and quicker at this time. The Quickening we are in it full on right now. We have Eclipse's and Lunar Eclipse's - Planet alining like nothing we have seen before. 2020 is 2012. It's here and with it come our Shift into The Age of Aquarius. We moving to the 5th Dimension. We were created for this change. Among the Virus and Riots and much more to come, it's all for a good reason, so we can wake up together - a big twist in the best movie of our lives. we are Truman, How's it all going to end? Well that's is up to us.

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