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Message Subject Anti-maskism is a Chinese Psyop
Poster Handle Sir France's Beercan
Post Content
It’s only in the US the anti-mask wearing brigade really has any traction.


It’s because the Chinese have spent millions using paid shills to push the agenda online, convincing Americans to not use masks, spread the virus and therefore kill hundreds of thousands of people. It’s genius really and the yanks have sucked it up cos ‘muh freedumb’

 Quoting: Sir France's Beercan

Fuck off you mindless cunt! Why wear a mask for something that is of zero threat? You scared of getting a little common cold?

I when a teen had mumps measles and chicken pox my body fighting them with my own immune system and naturally recovering with zero effect.

I was routinely sent to school with masses of green snot and flem pouring out of my nose and mouth when I was a child up to age 16 recovering with zero effect - and you pussies ALL wear MASKS just because they command you to? ALL because of the same “zero threat” now renamed from “the common cold” to SCARY COVID LOL!

Would you put your head in a fire if they told you that everyone has to do it? You are on the crazy train to hell.

The world is filled with Satanists who want GODS PEOPLE dead and replaced by Satanic Human Robot Hybrids Trapped forever in Earth Dark Matrix Prison!

You and your zombie mask wearing buddies are nearly there already. May God have mercy on your souls and those of the satanic commie idiots whom you so mindlessly idolise!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 79100927

So surely even your pea brain can work out that the global shutdown enacted by every country on earth, including rogue states would suggest its slightly more serious than any of the diseases you had, or the flu for that matter.

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