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Message Subject Anti-maskism is a Chinese Psyop
Poster Handle Doctor Manhattan
Post Content
It’s only in the US the anti-mask wearing brigade really has any traction.


It’s because the Chinese have spent millions using paid shills to push the agenda online, convincing Americans to not use masks, spread the virus and therefore kill hundreds of thousands of people. It’s genius really and the yanks have sucked it up cos ‘muh freedumb’

 Quoting: Sir France's Beercan

WUHAN had massive pollution way before COVID with masks already [suffering from bad air quality, pollution, smog]... They wore masks to prevent the breathing of pollution from all the smog, not a virus
They used that scenario [location] for ground zero, since CCP is full blown communist already and slaughter DISSIDENTS [people that speak truth].

Chinese CENSOR real information, you just don't understand [Willful Ignorance to avoid common sense]] that you need unrestricted oxygen to keep your immune system FROM COLLAPSING [weakening...releasing antibodies...false positive], causing sickness because your not giving your BODY enough oxygen for your IMMUNE SYSTEM TO STAY HEALTHY...

Nobody but the TARDS [non-thinkers] that believe the hoax [mask prevention of a "virus"], believed it was a BIO WEAPON, don't CONFUSE yourself and pass that confusion [project] onto others... you don't even know OXYGEN keeps you healthy, while a MASK suffocates your body overtime thats how BACKWARDS they have you thinking.

You're falling right in line for depopulation... keep putting that mask on if thats your belief, you will have a DIFFERENT TONE, when you receive the PERMANENT DAMAGE thats coming from the vaccine, on top of the damage your doing now.

How people can't see the VACCINE [one of the last steps for NWO]... this is why THE OP, and people that think like him say nothing...they forget about the ENDGAME, UNABLE to connect the dots that are HAPPENING NOW...aka GULLIBLE AND NAIVE.

IGNORANCE will claim billions, but it doesn't have to... now WILLFUL IGNORANCE [You, being a coward] is a different story.

The people that follow MSM narrative like a PARROT are the same people that became liberals back then [sjws], believe fake news, you become a fake individual [can't think for yourself, the TV thinks for you...wear the mask!]
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