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Message Subject Anti-maskism is a Chinese Psyop
Poster Handle Sir France's Beercan
Post Content

How does that explain the infections on the rest of the planet, the vast vast majority of which never wore masks and caught the virus before any rules on wearing masks were even considered?
 Quoting: Sir France's Beercan

The sick, people that had pre existing diseases of any kind...diabetes...copd...heart problems...anything...all of that is from a weak immune system + other factors [diet] but if you test certain people that are already WEAK [immune system, or AGE [seniors]] they can test for a false positive...the false positives just comes from antibodies going around that are released from your immune system.... IN THE USA [and everywhere else], they are forcing people to develop antibodies [most of the USA is already OBESE/some what sick]... with restriction of oxygen, to ramp up the false positives leading to a forced vaccine...

Now place the thought in a nursing home, where they force even the elderly people, THE MOST VULNERABLE, our elders to wear a mask and under those conditions of them being weakened it ends up going south, real fast...and you can't even go into a hospital with someone to keep an eye.

and if there are any type of insults taken...non meant...TPTB are taking this existence into a very disgusting reality.
 Quoting: Doctor Manhattan

I know loads of fit healthy people that caught it
 Quoting: Sir France's Beercan

How do you or they know when no accurate test exists?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 79104722

I know about 20 people that have tested positive in Switzerland, Austria Italy and the UK. They can’t all be wrong.
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