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I wish a happy 4th of july independence day to all of you americans

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 79108360
07/04/2020 11:58 AM
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I wish a happy 4th of july independence day to all of you americans
Hello folks,

Sometimes I have strongly disagreed with you here,

sometimes I have insulted some of you because I've been insulted,

But I always find an american to agree with

I always find an american who shows respect

Your country is a beautiful place,

A huge and very varied place,

From the wild areas to the immense crowded cities

With some of the best music in the world

With the funniest and tastiest food in the world even if it's not always, very healthy cruise

My own uncle screwed his clients in France and in Switzerland of a few millions of Euros €€€ and he escaped to miami where he has built a new life
And a very famous french restaurant...cruise

Everything is possible in America. You probably thought that you were all fucked after 8 years of obama but no, THE DONALD showed up and BOOM, rebirth of america
No more wars, a patriotism born again, and still, that feeling that everything is possible in america...!

So keep your country like it has been and like it is!

Yeah yeah we'll keep on disagreeing with you on certain things and I'll probably insult some of you until next year

But that doesn't mean I can't wish to all of you a happy independence day and a happy independent life!