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Message Subject 8 year old kid shot dead, Alabama YESTERDAY
Poster Handle WalrusRider
Post Content
So, a police officer chokes a black man and it makes national news, and is used as an excuse by filthy communist revolutionaries to destroy the country from within - but stories like these do not get anywhere near the same level of exposure.

Why is that? Is it perhaps because it is against the ridiculous narrative that black people are overwhelmingly the victims of those "evil white racists"? Looking through interracial crime statistics, it seems reality disagrees with their narrative. There is 40 times as much violent black on white crime as there is white on black crime (per unit of population).

White people do not receive huge bonuses on our SAT scores to get us undeserved positions in college. Affirmative action does not hand us undeserved jobs. We are not allowed to take pride in our race - if a black person shouts "black power", people more or less ignore it. If a white person talks of white pride, they are assumed to be Hitler and leftists will try to destroy their lives. Why can black people take pride in their race, but whites not?

Why is it that when a black person commits a violent act against white people, they are most often not charged with a hate crime, where as when the reverse happens the white person gets the book thrown at them?

It seems we do have a systemic racism problem - but it is not against black people. It is against white people. White people are the most oppressed class in the western world.

The anti-white agenda and the disgusting double standards need to end.
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