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SOLUTION : A dozen crop dusters and some agent orange!

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United States
07/06/2020 06:12 AM
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SOLUTION : A dozen crop dusters and some agent orange!
Fly them over every liberal governed city while these protest are taking place. Antifa (whatever they are) BLM ( to who?) and every other like minded maggot parasite will dissappear like magic. In all seriousness, it's time to call it good and put and end to it now. As Americans, it's our time to shine and stop this madness now. If these so called mayors and governors aren't goint to uphold the law, then we the people and and law enforcement officers in these cities must arrest these mayors and governors and reinstate law and order ourselves. Every law enforcement officer who refuses to uphold the law should be fired on the spot and never be allowed to disgrace the uniform again. They have no honor. These liberals and thugs are disease minded scum of the earth parasites with no purpose in life other than to create strife. STAND UP and be a proud American and have honor and dignity in knowing you are doing the right thing. Everyone in this America has the same opportunities but what they choose to do with it is up to them.