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Message Subject BIGLY - New US Visa Rules Threaten to Deport Nearly 400,000 Chinese Students!!!
Poster Handle Fist in the Box
Post Content
Hundreds of thousands of Chinese students enroll at U.S. colleges and universities each year, and right now, a lot of them are freaking out.

As schools try to figure out how to start the fall semester amid the coronavirus pandemic, some -- including Harvard University and the University of Southern California -- are opting for online-only instruction. And that means their foreign students will have to leave or transfer, according to new rules issued Monday by the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency.

In order to keep their student visas, foreign nationals have to take in-person classes, according to ICE. The new guidelines quickly sparked rage and anxiety in China, which sends more students to U.S. schools than any other country.

By noon on Tuesday, posts on Weibo related to the new guidelines had gained almost 55 million views. Many aimed their anger at the U.S. president, including one commenter who said Donald Trump’s biggest contribution was “boosting Chinese people’s patriotism and eradicating all the friendliness and hope for America.”

“The pandemic has already made the U.S. unsafe enough, and Trump just made the environment for international students even worse,” said Ada Xu, 27, who is getting her masters degree in marketing analytics at the University of Rochester. She’s planning to return home to China in August and finish her degree remotely, a decision she calls “totally right.”

[link to www.newsmax.com (secure)]
 Quoting: Joe Camel

Its going to affect mainly PEOPLE OF COLOR.


Browns (Dotheads, Pakis, Arabs/Muzlims), Yellows (Asians) and Blacks (Nigerians, Ghanians)

That is, those who have degree mills and fake universities in their countries, and come to White countries for higher standards of learning and employment.

Good work by Trump to cater to his White voter base! Though it should have been done long ago, with even harsher terms.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77893794

Yup, excellent! Trump's trying to build up his White voter base from 57% in 2016, to over 65%, by blocking the Colored people, which can assure him of a thumping victory, come November.

While Biden and the Democrats are trying to increase their Colored voter share from 85% in 2016, to 98%, by offering free immigration, legalizing immigrants, freebies and handouts.

Hmm...such type pf politics, shows that we're turning into a 3rd wold democracy rapidly, but anyway its the only way to prevent a take over by the non-White hordes, and their stooge Biden.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77940018

The issue is national, not racial, you bumbling shill.
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