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Message Subject BIGLY - New US Visa Rules Threaten to Deport Nearly 400,000 Chinese Students!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
After my 8-year military service, I spent just a few years on small business and after which I decided to use my GI bill and went to college. I started at our local community college and got 2 associate degrees from it and my GPA was 3.95. I applied to Washington University in St Louis, Webster University, and University of Missouri - St Louis. I got accepted at Webster and UMSL, but didn't get accepted at Washington University. So, I went to UMSL and got a BA in Mathematics, and finished with a 3.73 GPA.

During my final semester at UMSL, when I was supposed to prepare for GMAT since I was planning on doing my MBA, my mother got diagnosed with breast cancer and I had to spend the summer taking care of my mom. Needless to so, my score reflected that. I got 470 on GMAT.

I applied to WashU, UMSL, and Missouri State for their MBA programs, and in my letter to Wash U I explained my low score. Again, WashU didn't accept me.

Later that same year, in August I saw WashU new MBA class in Forest Park, doing some team-building activities. Many of the students were Indian, Chinese, etc, some 20+ kids. "WTF?" I thought to myself.

Honestly, I don't feel bad one bit for these students. I sacrificed 8 years of my life for this??
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