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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone Provides Statement in Response to Social Media Giants Censoring His Free Speech Rights

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 77963234
United States
07/09/2020 02:33 AM
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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone Provides Statement in Response to Social Media Giants Censoring His Free Speech Rights
"Earlier today we reported that Facebook and Instagram deleted Roger Stone’s personal accounts. Tonight we have an exclusive statement from Roger Stone regarding these social media giants taking way his free speech rights.

Earlier today Jacob Engels at TGP reported Facebook and Instagram have deleted the verified personal account of Roger Stone on Facebook, his media outlet Stone Cold Truth, and even his Instagram account ahead of his July 14th surrender date to a Coronavirus infested prison in Georgia. Stone is currently appealing Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s decision to deny him a reprieve due to concerns over his history of respiratory health problems and the fact that the federal correctional institute that he has been assigned has a history of the China coronavirus.

I am being censored by Facebook and Instagram because my social media postings expose the truth regarding the now discredited Mueller investigation and the Russian Collusion hoax, as well as the unfairness of my trial in 2020 (to the extent possible without violating the protective seal left in place by the court) and because I am an outspoken supporter of President Trump. After being unconstitutionally gagged by the judge in my case, I have utilized social media to correct the substantial number of willful inaccuracies reported about the President, me, my case and my trial over the last 16 months. Democracy dies in darkness.

The reasons for this extraordinary act of censorship which Facebook and Instagram give is entirely fabricated, totally lacking in any proof and part of a larger effort to censor supporters of the President, Republicans and conservatives on social media platforms. Words on a piece of paper or an e-mail are not proof. False testimony to an FBI Agent or a Grand Jury are not proof. The extraordinary blend of hearsay, perjury, obfuscation and fantasy that flowed from the mouth of Aaron Zelinsky in his sworn testimony last week is not proof.

The claim that I have utilized or controlled unauthorized or fake accounts on any platform is categorically and provably false. This false claim was included by the Special Counsel in their request for search warrants which included the testimony of an unidentified witness who claimed I controlled hundreds of Facebook accounts. The search warrant was not accompanied by any proof or evidence that this was the case, that’s because it is categorically false. I would also point out that when they received their search warrants they found no evidence whatsoever to verify this false claim which is now being recycled by Facebook and Instagram.

The establishment of a legitimate web or blog site to produce legitimate and constitutionally protected content and to open a social media page to promote or post that unique content, as I have done for each of the five books I have written for example, neither violates the rules of Facebook or the law."

More here - [link to www.thegatewaypundit.com (secure)]
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 77963234
United States
07/09/2020 02:35 AM
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Re: BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone Provides Statement in Response to Social Media Giants Censoring His Free Speech Rights
More of his statement -

"The false claims from the thought police in Menlo Park seem to be evolving, including the assertion that I used “fake” websites to push the 2016 disclosures by Wikileaks. This is another whopper although I would note that every news organization that requested comment from me today reported extensively about the content of those releases while at no time challenged their authenticity or accuracy. As for the use of Facebook to sway political attitudes, I thought that was why Facebook sold political advertising.

I have never owned or controlled any fake Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts. This will be among many, many other issues in the formal complaints that will soon be filed against the prosecutors in my case with the office of Professional Responsibility at the Department of Justice and the DC Bar. In this case it is just one example of their making representations to the court for which they lacked evidence to even justify a claim of probable cause.

The assertion my accounts have any formal or informal connection to the Proud Boys is categorically and provably false. The banning of individuals who may choose to repost things that I have posted is an even more extraordinary act of inappropriate censorship. Any person has a right to repost anything I post on their own legitimate social media page. To claim that anyone who does so is somehow illegitimate or under my control or direction is nonsensical

Because the claims by those taking this action are defamatory I will bring immediate legal action against the corporate parents of the social media platforms. It will soon be put up or shut up time. Words in a press release are not proof."

[link to www.thegatewaypundit.com (secure)]