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Message Subject The scientific evidence is irrefutable. Mandates are 100% political. Herd Immunity Threshold and Infected Mortality stats are the proof.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Excerpt comment of the article:

Deaths over inflated ten times by catch all COVID death definition, number of people being infected is 50 to 100 times deflated by using critically flawed PCR test as 60-80 millions in US already been infected with mild or no symptoms developed antibodies and are immune or inherently resistant via TCell DT4 mechanism especially children whose iFR is zero.

Most of all last two weeks numbers of new PCR test positives are false positives up to 80%, any person tested positive before two weeks ago is no longer infected as acquired immunity and is not a danger to anyone. At most in entire US currently today, perhaps 100,000 people actively spreading virus but there reproduction number is below one as others already acquired immunity and cannot get infected or sick.

MSM must stop this COVID Infection porn and death porn as during last four months about 1.5 millions died in US for all caused in US as they do every year with no panic or economic destruction, 1.5 millions fie for respiratory diseases and one millions die entire preventable deaths due to malpractice, abandonment or lack of health insurance or access.
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