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over the years

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07/14/2020 06:01 PM

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over the years
this place has been many things. I first come here in 2001. It has changed hands since then. I have seen it change some for the better some for the worse. It was a place where information was exchanged and many types of conspiracies could be looked at. It was also a place you could have great fun. I am not going to pretend I know the regulations for a site like this im sure they have tightened over the years.I could be wrong about this but now it seems unless you express certain views. i have paid for this site sometimes for months that I never even visited. It just seems there is more anger here than ever before and I mean in everybody. I do use it to get ideas for writing as I could sit for hours and not write a single line as I can not focus on one subject so once someone gives it I can then just focus on that without getting sidetracked.

So over the years I have had some laughs I have had some WTF moments and have learned a few things. Hopefully I have at some point helped lessen someones load I also know I have added to loads at times. I have fell down rabbit holes and I have created rabbit holes. I thought at one time that this place would be where the real revolution started 2006-2010 but it doesnt seem that way now. I guess I hope people can find what unites them instead of everything that seems to divide them. I hope people find strength and encouragement to continue on this journey. Hell I come here because I am socially awkward and do not do well in crowds or real interaction. I come here because I could say anything truth or lie and have sometimes some meaningful debates. I could actually express here I dont blame this place as the whole world has went nutters it seems but it has bled over here.

So The real parts I was part of was intriguing and inspiring the games who knows maybe I shouldnt have played but you can change not what you have done only what you are going to do.
neither here nor there.

In the spirit of brotherhood
Please spin your tale of fate
Let everything be understood
To the celebration I might be late