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Subject How to disable Google's Trending Search, People Also Ask, People Also Search for, etc...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If you find these features annoying like I do, here's how to remove them from your Google, assuming you're using Google Chrome as your browser.

Install this free Google Chrome add-on: UBlock Origin

[link to chrome.google.com (secure)]

Then, open the add-on's dashboard, open the "My filters" list and copy paste the following lines:

www.google.com#?#div:-abp-has( > div > div > div > h2:-abp-contains(People also ask))
www.google.com#?#div:-abp-has( > div > div > div > h3:-abp-contains(People also search for))
www.google.com#?#div:-abp-has( > div > div > div > h2:-abp-contains(Common questions))
www.google.com#?#div:-abp-has( > div > div > div > h2:-abp-contains(Searches related to))
www.google.com#?#div:-abp-has( > div > ul > li:-abp-contains(TRENDING SEARCHES))
www.google.com#?#div:-abp-has( > g-section-with-header > div > h3:-abp-contains(Images for))
www.google.com#?#div:-abp-has( > g-section-with-header > div > h3:-abp-contains(Videos))
www.google.com#?#div:-abp-has( > g-section-with-header > div > h3:-abp-contains(Searches related to))
www.google.com#?#div:-abp-has( > g-more-link)

And voilà, no more annoying Google suggestions, trending searches B.S. and what not.

If you appreciate this kind of thing and want to help me out, here's my bitcoin donation address:

[link to tiny.cc]
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