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NC Funeral homes want to know when someone died of the 'Rona

Deplorable Zenobia

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United States
07/23/2020 12:47 PM

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NC Funeral homes want to know when someone died of the 'Rona
Since I needed to check local weather, this news story caught my eye and as my habit, I tried to ‘read between the lines’ to see whassup.

Don’t know about other states but perhaps this sort of data from funeral directors can be factored into all the other medical data on this designer virus that is now being redirected to the White House team number crunchers.

Why do I keep thinking about that phrase ‘inconvenient truths’ as I read this story? This could possibly lead to some unintended consequences for ass-hats who love to massage the numbers.

Would love to hear what GLP peeps think about this.

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