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drone space restrictions over half of new jersey?

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United States
07/24/2020 11:40 PM
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drone space restrictions over half of new jersey?
my buddy is new to drones, we know there are places you cannot fly, restricted areas if you habe a gps drone they wont even let you fly in manually.

so looking at this map, it appears that there is a massivve radius scheduled on the 26 and 27 over the entire north half of new jersey, all the way toching long island, and strething to the poconos in PA

there is another circle scheduled about the same time.

wtf is this? is this common? will his drone not be able to take off within this circle within this time span?

more importantly, WTF do they need to ban hundreds of square mile for? wtf ia about to happen? are we even reading this correctly?

[link to www.dji.com (secure)]

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