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NAACP Leader Confused About Why Woke White People Have Co-opted the George Floyd Riots

Coastie Patriot

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United States
07/28/2020 12:45 PM

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NAACP Leader Confused About Why Woke White People Have Co-opted the George Floyd Riots
Portland NAACP President E.D. Mondaine is operating under the false premise that the city’s have anything to do with the death of George Floyd. For these anarcho-communist insurrectionists, Floyd’s death was a convenient invigorating event. For the leaders of the Black Lives Matter organization, it is about an ideological agenda, and they use black men killed by police as a rallying point.

How do we know this? It is pretty easy to find videos of mostly white black-clad agitators painting graffiti, smashing windows and attacking police officers from the first riots in Minneapolis. Often these were taken by black protestors that were begging with them to stop or preventing them from doing more damage. Antifa and their allies were never concerned about police brutality or police reform. They want chaos.

‘You Are Part of the Problem!’ – VIDEOS Show ANTIFA Instigators Sparking Vandalism and Riots
Mondaine’s op-ed in the Washington Post laments that the protests in Portland were supposed to be about black lives but have turned into a white spectacle. In reality, antifa has been terrorizing Portland for three years. The death of George Floyd was just an excuse to go on a weeks-long temper tantrum.

Antifa’s often violent, live-action role-play of impending revolution has been proceeding unabated thanks to Mayor Ted Wheeler. But even his wildly progressive streak and permissiveness have not earned him any recognition from the mob. He was eventually tear-gassed and chased by the mob after joining the frontlines of the riots.

ORWELLIAN: Portland Mayor Claims Officers’ Tear-Gas Response to Arson Completely Unprovoked
Likewise, the leaders of Black Lives Matter are openly Marxist. Their agenda goes far beyond moderate police reform that will improve accountability and transparency. Their most visible petition is to defund the police.

[link to pjmedia.com (secure)]
Coastie Patriot


Dr Thaddeus They
They don't really care whether the truth gets out, because the public no longer knows what's meant by "the truth."

Well, I mean, no one can tell the difference anymore between what's real and what's fake.

Anyway, the point is, I can tell you all of this, right out in the open, because it doesn't matter who knows about it. They won't know whether to believe it or not.-
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to grow up remembering th

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