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Message Subject Can you imagine if you were told, yeah this is it, this life you suffer and then it’s nothingness .
Poster Handle d dawg
Post Content
Maybe, just maybe, we all stop discussing the mythology our ancestors created to make sense of the world around them and actually start taking responsibility for the here and now.

Help those out for no motive or reason, do it because it feels good, for both of you. Don't do it based on some vague promise a man in a uniform told you.

Maybe if we start acting like the fairy tales of God and jesus, blah blah are just that fairy tale. We might start having some fun and who knows once God isnt getting any attention anymore or your financial donations god might say hello.

Until then people are becoming homeless, hungry and scared to leave their own homes, let's concentrate our efforts on helping them, not an imaginary concept that if real continually sees all life on this planet suffer.

Man up and take responsibility!!!!!
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