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Message Subject People, I REALLY need to say this: The world WILL be CONSIDERABLY different by this time 2021
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The master plan is the MILLENNIAL Reign of Christ Jesus and the 10,000+ under him who are set in place already. and I have a thread on that. READ. .. :Millennial Reign:

As I was saying, I don't know if there is a masterplan or not. Nor do I care. I want to stand clear from any new age / religious / mumbojumbo stuff.

This is not a typical sensationalist GLP thread, and I don't have any answers, I don't "know" shit. But this time this thing is actually REALLY REAL, it's happening, it's not a prediction.

Actually the proper "cherry on top" would be a massive solar flare frying all electronics. Where would this world be without digitalization, even temporarily without electricity? Haha, imagine all the rumours that would start spreading.
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