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Message Subject People, I REALLY need to say this: The world WILL be CONSIDERABLY different by this time 2021
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Let me give a more optimistic, although still pessimistic, perspective. We CAN "just print money forever" or tax and redistribute.

This is because technology is now capable of running our systems with little in-person interaction. We're doing OK now aren't we? We have food, we have fuel, we're worried but basically we're flush enough that some assholes can even go out and "demonstrate" their asininity clearly to us. We can have irrelevant debates about policing.

The problem is political. On top of the pandemic, we have many political agendas. And we wouldn't even need the shutdowns if we had hydroxychloroquine freely available -- but even with the lockdowns we're OK. Which I guess is why they want the lockdowns, to implement their political agendas, their vaccination, etc.

We COULD have UBI, opportunities to work and earn more than that, and if we just got rid of our various "diversity" agendas we'd be OK. And that is what they are afraid of. Their diversity agendas are so important that they fight to the death to ensure the ship can't sail without the diversity agenda in it.
 Quoting: oniongrass

Even people who have gotten ahold of the medication don't know what to do with it because nobody tells us anything. Do you take it every single day so you don't catch it. What dose and how many times a day? OR do you only take it if you catch it cuz everyone I know is way too smart to go get a test so we would never know if we had it. Anyone have the answers to THE million dollar question?
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