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Message Subject China is not a Mandarin name and is not the REAL name of the country or civilization.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i suspect xian is actually older than sanskrit.thanks op.if an is god then xi god.
yes i realize sanskrit is the oldest written language.
funny how q is so radically used through time.am i missing something about its pronunctiation?
tell us more if you got details.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 79211804

Well, Sanskrit is an Atlantean Indo-European language and the oldest in terms of the population group that survived and still retained it after that cycle. The population that uses the language now called Mandarin was not Atlantean, though they lived through that epoch just as all did, and their language is just as old - if not older in terms of 'indigenous' origins vs Indo-European being an 'offworld' language with a population not 'native'.

'China' and the history of its main populuation groups - particularly the Han (another derivative/pay off of Xian) - has always been obscured and not well known outside of its center. It's the root 'native' civilization of this planet.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 47399138

this is why sanskrit is oldest,it was spread east by han.even the mandarin scipt is an advanced form of sanskrit.
symbolism was first though as pointed out at tepi.
the base of all languages start with ma and wa.
not to say older writings didnt exist.we just dont have much reference before the flood.the great pyramid probably has the best references.so far it all looks to be symbolism.
antarctica would be the best place to search though.odds are its the "alien"script.hints we occasionally see on movies.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 79211804

Script isn't the language, though. Certain traditional scripts still used by the Han are modified forms of Sanskrit STYLE to express their own language - being that Sanskrit was like English is today - widely used out of necessity by all in Atlantean times as Atlantis laid claim to the whole world much as their descendants do today.

There are other, older script styles and pictographic expressions that the Han and their ancestors used which have no relation to Sanskrit or any other language. One has to be brought deep into Xian history through the traditional, initiatic ways that knowledge is disseminated and imparted to learn these things...
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