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Message Subject Trump tweets about Nancy and Chuck blocking unemployment beneifts.
Poster Handle RoyBatty
Post Content
So then, Trump just needs to sign it because he is the reason why 50 million people Got Fired. Trump could have mandated everybody over 60 or with underlining medical issues need to stay home, but instead , he shut it all down even in states that had less than 200 infections and 10 deaths. Trump is owned by Pelosi now.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 79194165

Young man, or woman, you are woefully uninformed. Governors shut down the states, not Trump. And if you look carefully, those shutdowns are mostly in Democratically controlled states and cities.

So, I have sat here for many months now, wondering what the reason for all this is, and it is now slowly coming into view: Populism was growing around the world, Brexit, Trump, etc. Adding to the fact that the debt is so sky high, that there is no way to repay it. People are beginning to realize and resent the disproportional wealth and power that has been accumulating in the last 25 years. They are afraid of us, so, now we need to be brought to heel.

As an observer, I have noticed a huge uptick of racial hatred being stirred up as well as now, low grade biowarfare. The boys at the top are making their play. It's for all the marbles now, and thats why the sense of urgency and panic to bring in their dystopian utopia. I'm now convinced it's the culmination of a centuries old satanic conspiracy to corrupt, demoralize and ultimately enslave humanity.

And they are winning.
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