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Message Subject Trump tweets about Nancy and Chuck blocking unemployment beneifts.
Poster Handle Catnip
Post Content
So then, Trump just needs to sign it because he is the reason why 50 million people Got Fired. Trump could have mandated everybody over 60 or with underlining medical issues need to stay home, but instead , he shut it all down even in states that had less than 200 infections and 10 deaths. Trump is owned by Pelosi now.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 79194165

Fake news has made you blind as a bat. There is nothing for Trump to sign! He will not sign a bill for trillions that will go bail out Pelosi's and Schumer's friends as well as themselves. They know they will not be back in the House come January so they want to pad their wealth now while they still can. Too much is never enough wealth for a democrat.

Trump wants the money to go to We the People, especially the temporary $600 unemployment package. The dems won't finalize that unless their terms of trillions are met.

Trump did not shut down the democrat-run states, the democrat governors did, which is against the law, but no one is bringing that up.

Governors cannot create law by mandating masks or closing certain businesses (schools, bars, restaurants, etc.) for 5 months. It's all designed to wreck Trump's economy so the dems can win in November. It ain't gonna happen.
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