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Message Subject MEGA DOOM!!! Vaccine passes clinical trials in Russia. Mass rollout of vaccinations to start in October!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Julia12
Post Content
You honestly believe that they are testing the vaccine on anything? And do you also think that they're really just coming out with it? If you were to follow the professionals, that actually care about humanity, then you would know that it would be impossible for anyone to create a vaccine for any virus, in that amount of time. None the less, a vaccine for a virus that hasn't ever been clearly, and completely identified. This, so called, vaccine, has been sitting, waiting for us. Has nothing to do with any virus. And the majority of the population, can't wait to get their death sentence. And the elite are laughing, at EVERYONE.

What kind of military goes along with this sick shit? Who will even be left for them to abuse and control? Clearly, the good people of the world, make up about 15%. And doesn't include any Military. What about all their families? They're going to force them also to worship Satan?

One more thing. You people that continue to think the world revolves around who is currently acting President, have lost your minds. Every single post, somehow has something to do with Biden, or Trump. If you think for one second that you have any say in the matter, guess again. You never have. Continuing to point the finger, is ignorant. And all you idiots on here that are being used as little pawns, to make us more divided, are a disgrace to the human race. It also shows your intelligence level. You seem to think your not in the same boat as everyone else? You obviously have mental disabilities.

They are getting exactly what they wanted. And people are so focused on hurting one another, in any way possible, that you are completely distracted. And everyone still believes the fake media, and the fake coronavirus, and the fake election. Why post shit from any media outlet? Are you kidding me?

If people would stop thinking they know everything about everything, and realize our freedom is OVER. In case anyone needs help figuring it out.....It's THEM AGAINST US. Who would want to live in anything they've created?? It is the most ignorant thing to think that you will have any sort of life under their control. Regardless of your beliefs. I had no idea, how completely stupid, the population really is.

Our lives have been for NOTHING. We should be fighting for the same thing. Instead, we all await our fates, like useless sheep. A COMPLETE DISGRACE.
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