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Message Subject Covid-19 not only kills people. It also kills freedom, happiness, economy, social, sex, entertainment, religions, sports, elections....
Poster Handle 2hot2handle
Post Content
The response to this virus has been worse then the virus itself and the response has been draconian and over the top and completely unnecessary given it kills little more than the flu and we don't stop living because of flu viruses. The same type of people dying of covid are the same people who die every every year of the flu and that includes a small minority of healthy young people that die of the flu. We don't lose our fucking minds over that and demand every child wear a face mask because some healthy 20 year old died of flu which happens every year. We don't base public health policy off the minority of people that die of the flu but we are doing it with covid and it's ridiculous! Covid is not the Spanish Flu that killed 50 plus million people nor is it the Black Plague that killed 50% of Europe's population in the middle ages. This is not really a pandemic if you compare it to previous pandemics. What we have here is a pandemic of hysteria that is ruining our lives.
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