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Message Subject Hard Core Anti Vaxxer - Will Take The Corona Vaccine!
Poster Handle random among the crowd
Post Content
So my friend who taugh me all about vaccine dangers says this vaccine is a must, this guy homeschools and is very anti vax, now has backpedalled and is telling everyone to take the covid vax... Do not know what to believe anymore.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 79201889

That is not anti-vax. Your friend is a soi boi cuck.
How to recognise a soi boi cuck? Simple check out how broad his shoulders are. If they are narrow he is probably a soi boi cuck and everything he says must be interpreted as the rantings of a hysterical woman.

This vaccine will be the MOST dangerous vaccine the world has ever seen, even toppling the MMR vaccine which previously was the most dangerous vaccine in the world.
I know from direct experience since my body was devastated from it. My colon is severely damaged. (I pooped half a liter of blood in the past in 1 time). My bone marrow was decimated to the point I almost chocked due to a shortage of red blood cells.

And I am telling you this is not as dangerous as the corona vaccine. I believe this is the endgame of the elites.
I have long believed it would be an economic collapse. But this is an economic collapse, together with severe health hazards and a new world order level of control with sheep leading the tyranny with pride.

Whomever your friend is he is a retard and he buys into fear mongering of anti-vaxx and fear mongering of corona.
He is not a true anti-vaxxer, he just listens to whomever has the biggest fear message.
I don't have time to educate all you people.
I have direct experience with the destructiveness of vaccines and they are BIO WEAPONS. They are NOT accidents or SIDE EFFECTS. It is not about the money, it never was.
It is about destruction and torture. The elites worship literal demons. Some new agers worship beings they think of as good but are actually demons.

WW1 was engineered, WW2 was engineered. We are overdue for a culling engineered by the elites.
Google billgatesisevil.com if you are still uncertain.
If you are not certain after that than you must google DNA altering vaccines.
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